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Neck and Back Pain


90% of back pain affects adults at one point in their lives and about 67% of adults experience neck pain. 


Back pain and neck pain are the most frequent reasons for doctor visits, and are causes of disability, no work days, and very high health-care costs. 


85 to 90% of lower back pain may be caused by simply muscle spasms, muscle strains, or Ligamentous sprain and in majority of the cases muscle spasms may be one of  the most common reason for a pinched nerve condition which may feel like shooting pain to the groin, hip, thigh, knees gluteus area, lower leg and feet pain. In some cases people may feel tingling and numbness sensation in the feet or any part of the leg.


Also some patients would complain of knee pain without feeling their lower back pain and this maybe due to pinched nerve condition in the lower back of the nerve that innervates the lower knee. In majority of these cases when the patient goes to the doctor, most doctors do not recognize the origin of the pain and treat the knee unsuccessfully when they should treat the lower back, and it would result to the knee pain resolution.


In the neck pain the muscle spasm may be the cause of the pinched nerve condition. The patient complains neck pain is shooting to the shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm and hand or people may feel pain shooting to the entire arm. Sometimes they feel burning sensation in the neck, shoulder, elbow or any part of the arm.


Sometimes it feels like numbness and tingling sensation. In majority of the cases, when the patient complains about the shoulder pain other clinics only looks and treats the shoulder, not knowing the pinched nerve condition  the neck may give the same kind of pain.


I recall a case when a 70 year old male complained of both shoulder pain for two years and has seen seven different doctors, they did x-rays and MRI’s of the shoulders and have found arthritis and treated the arthritis unsuccessfully for two years. The patient had more than 30 physical therapy sessions and then he was referred to us. We found that the shoulder pain was caused by a pinched nerve condition in the neck.


One injection session to the neck resolved the pain in both shoulders instantly by 100%. The patient was so angry at those seven doctors who could not diagnose and treat him properly and one of them called me asking to share my knowledge and experience so he could use this in the future reference.


Among these seven doctors were an

  • Internal medicine doctor (Internist)
  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Chiropractor
  • Physical therapist
  • Physiatrist ( physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist)
  • Acupuncturist Specialist.
  • Neurologist

Almost Two years passed since that injection and the patient is still pain free.


Another cause for the neck and back pain, and pinched nerve condition are


  1. Herniated disc
  2. Shifted vertebraes
  3. Arthritic changes in the spine


The goal with the injection and our procedure is to relax the muscle and to remove the pressure from the nerve.


This procedure is generally very safe. It is a muscular injection.