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Pinched Nerve Conditions - Sciatica

Some patients complain that the pain from lower back shooting down to the buttock area, back of the thighs, and calf muscles and sometimes the heel and bottom of the feet. Difficulty of walking, pulling sensation in the back of the leg, difficulty sitting, standing and walking. In these cases sciatic nerve may be pinched at the lower back and spine area or in the buttock area. In majority of the cases simple muscle spasms is causing it. Putting the needle into those muscles relaxes the muscle and takes off the pressure from the nerve. In approximately 90% of the cases, relaxing muscles holding the vertebrates instantly relives the pain or relaxing the muscles in the gluteal area would take off the pressure from the nerve and provide an instant pain relief. However in some cases herniated disc may cause severe compression, shifted vertebras is another cause of compression, severe arthritic changes in the spine is another cause of the pinching of the nerve. Although it is more difficult but it is still possible to remove the pressure from the nerve and the muscle spasm without undergoing any kind of surgery. And again the injection is a muscular injection which is generally very safe and has nothing to with the spinal cord and the nerve.