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Muscle Pain - Spasm

Muscle pain and spasm is responsible for approximately 90% of the pain conditions. When the muscle goes into spasm in any part of the body, the nerve and blood vessel get pinched in majority of the cases. Although physical therapy modalities may help in some of the cases, the best approach in my opinion to put the needle into that spastic muscle and relax that muscle instantly. Therefore one can get an instant pain relief. Some patient reports feeling of warmness right after the injection because the blood vessel opens up and delivers the blood to the affected area delivering oxygen, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. That is why an injection procedure is very important. With physical therapy it may take depending on the case 5, 10, 15 or more visits. I had a patient who had received 50 physical therapy sessions without any kind of success after a motor vehicle accident. I gave her one injection to the neck which relieved the pain in the neck and shoulder by 100%. Two injections to the lower back fully relieved the pain in the lower back. Also two injections in the knee improved the knee pain by 80%. What a waste of time and money for 50 physical therapy sessions. We offer the shortest course of treatment:  two sometimes three visits in majority of the cases and send the patient home pain free. I consider this an excellent result. I get many referrals from physical therapists who send me patients after approximately 20 or 30 physical therapy sessions without any success.