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Chest Wall Pain

Chest wall pain could be due to several reasons such as costochondritis, intercostal neuralgia or pinched nerve condition in the spine. In some cases it could be pain coming from the heart or other internal organs. In the first case there is an inflammation between the ribs and the sternum. In the second case it is a muscle spasm in between the ribs causing pinched nerve condition. In the third case it is a pinched nerve condition in the spine causing chest wall pain. All these conditions can be easily cured with an injection procedure to relax the muscle spasm and therefore remove the pressure from the nerve. I recall a recent case where a young man was evaluated for 3 months by an internal medicine doctor preformed an electrocardiogram to check the function of the heart which was normal. For 3 months the internal medicine doctor did not know what to do with the patient and eventually referred that patient to me. We have found a pinched nerve condition in the spine causing this chest wall pain. One injection procedure improved the pain by 85-90%.