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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

It is a chronic pain condition usually affecting an arm or leg. Presents with an intense burning pain, swelling, alteration of temperature, skin discoloration, abnormal sweating in the affected part of the body. The nature of this problem is not clearly understood. Some patients develop this condition after the surgery: one of patients referred to my clinic developed it after the surgery In the shoulder, another- after she broke her wrist and the cast was placed without having a surgery, another patient develop a burning sensation o top of her knee after the surgery in her knee. She was told that most likely the superficial nerve of the skin was cut accidentally during the surgery which caused the burning sensation for seven months until I got involved with this case and her condition was cured with (you will not believe!) with the injection procedure. The patient with the wrist fracture was also cured with the injection procedures. For the first patient with the severe shoulder burning pain we have used a stellate ganglion block and the physical therapy, who few months later was also pain free.