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Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety

Chronic pain condition may cause insomnia and chronic insomnia may increase the risk of developing anxiety and depression disorders.


Sleep is the most important factor for the nervous system to function well. Sleep deprivation causes a nervous system exhaustion, which can not further properly control the function of the entire body.


Curing the pain restores the sleep and anxiety and depression may resolve spontaneously.


It is important to remember to treat not the symptom (pain) but the cause of it or not the pain but the whole body. One of patient called me asking for an appointment. When I asked if he is on any narcotic pain killers, he answered: yes, for the last ten years. His chronic pain condition worsened, he developed an insomnia, anxiety and depression and now being treated by a psychiatrist as well. I did not accept the case, because the patient stated that he is addicted to those narcotic pain killers and asked me to prescribe more.