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Pain and Poor Nutrition

What we eat and drink directly affects our bodies. If we put something bad into our system, our body suffers from it. If we put something good in our system, our body gains from it. I had a 24 year old female coming in to the clinic complaining pain all over the body. Taking into consideration her young age, I asked myself “Why would this young healthy looking female suffer with pain condition, What is causing it in her case?” When I asked her “What do you drink?” She replied that she drinks a pack (1lbs.) coffee a day.


I immediately suspected that the caffeine in her case maybe the direct cause of the muscle pain. Simply because the caffeine is blood vessel constrictor which diminishes the amount of blood flowing through to the tissues delivering lesser amount of oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients. Therefore causing pain in the entire body. When I asked this lady if she is ready to give up the caffeine, she answered “absolutely NOT” and that she will be consuming the coffee in the same routine because she is addicted to it, to which I replied “I am sorry, but I cannot help you with your pain in this case simply because you do not want to help yourself".