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Policies and Terms of Service


We do NOT prescribe narcotic pain medication in this clinic, believing strongly that they do more harm than help. One of the most common side effects of using narcotic pain killers is ADDICTION TO THEM. Instead of having one problem, you are creating multiple problems for yourself. The second most common problem of using these narcotic pain killers is the constipation especially in elderly population.


It is a catastrophe when the patient cannot move his/her bowel. The third most common problem is blood vessel constriction which works in an opposite direction to healing the pain. We try to do everything to open up the vessels by releasing muscle spasms. The fourth most common problem is - it worsens in our experience the muscle spasm and therefore pinched nerve conditions.


We do NOT deal with disabilities and disabilities paperwork in this clinic.


Referrals are required from the primary care physicians for the following insurances


  • Amerigroup( Care Plus)
  • Hip
  • Healthplus
  • Aetna HMO
  • Empire Bluecross/Blueshield HMOs ONLY
  • Metroplus
  • Affinity



Please make sure to bring the referral prior to coming to us or have your PCP fax it over to us to 718-830-0006.


If you are a new patient please bring your id along with your insurance card.