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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q- I have been with many different doctors, physical therapists but my pain did not go away. How do I know that you are not one of them?


A-There is no garanty with any type of treatment.


If during tha trial visit, you felt instant pain relief that means we diagnosed and treated you correctly. If not- our clinic is not for you.


2) Q- Are there any side effects to the injection procedures?


A- These injection procedures are generally very well tolerated without any major side effects. Minor side effects may include but not limitred to: some soreness on the side of the injection which usually lasts a couple of days. However Advil, Motrin, and Tylenol or any over the counter pain medication should relieve your soreness


3)  Q- How long will my pain relief last?


A- In majority of the cases, the patient gets long lasting pain relief. However, in some cases pain may recur, especially in smokers, heavy drug abusers, patients who are constantly under stress and emotionally very sensitive etc.


4) Q- What happens if I’m not getting pain relief from these injections?


A- It means you are falling into the category of approximately 10% of people who may have different cause for their pain. In some cases it is estrogen hormone deficiency or thyroxin (thyroid gland hormone deficiency). Also if strong mechanical compression exists on to the nerve root such as slipped disc or herniated disc these injections may not work. In these cases we order an MRI of the spine to see what kind of strong mechanical compression on to the nerve root. If an MRI confirms that mechanical compression existence we have neurosurgeon on call 24/7 who can consult us of what to do next.


5) Q- If I am a junk food addict or a heavy smoker, Would you be able to help me with my pain condition?


A- NO. All pain relief in these situations maybe temporary. That is the reason it is very important to eliminate smoking and eat right food.