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Pain and Stress

Some studies support that stress is one of the main causes for muscle spasms, and pain conditions.


This muscle spasm and therefore pinched nerve condition can be cured with the special injection procedure which releases the muscle spasms therefore taking pressure of the nerve bringing instant pain relief. However the stress as the cause of this pain must be eliminated, so we must target the source of the pain otherwise the pain is going to reoccur. I recall one very interesting case where a 60 year old female complained about recurring pain condition in the neck and headaches. When asked what is causing this recurred muscle spasm in the neck, I have found out that this patient has one son whose wife openly cheats on him, and being a very sensitive person she cries constantly and reports being under a lot of stress. She reports being overwhelmed with this. Highly sensitive people are proned to get recurring muscle spasms and pain conditions.


Another patient who is a 50 year old woman who was under a lot of stress from her boss and constantly complained about recurring pain conditions in her lower back and midback areas. We took care of her muscle spasm and pain, her condition was cured but only after we recommended to her supervisors to change her environment and place her to a different department. Being a highly sensitive woman, she has calmed down and now feels fully recovered.