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Patient's Testimonials


Greetings Dr. Abayev

I'd like to report to you that I am still doing great, and feeling like a new person.


The treatment of the injections, diet and exercise has changed my life dramatically.


Cutting out the caffeine and all those foods that cause inflammation and constrict the blood vessels has been an important factor in my recovery. I thought it would be so hard to do without it.


I used to drink 4 cups of coffee a day. Now I drink water instead and I love it. My skin looks great. I have lost 20 lbs and the inches keep coming off. I am down a size and 1/2 and counting. The walking and exercise has brought me more energy and a happier state of mind.


My life has turned around after so many years of suffering with low back pain, joint pains and sciatica. I am more active and look forward to each day. I am happy again and pleasant company. Everyone notices the changes in me and compliment my recovery.


I say Thank God and Dr Abayev for a remarkable recovery. I recommend you to everyone I know and meet. I know realize how adaptable we can be when we have to choose between a life of pain and one that is pain free. It is a great commitment to one's self to stay healthy, mind ,body and spirit.


It is a daily challenge and I welcome it- now that I know better. I use to feel like an old woman with body aches and pains now I fell like a strong young woman of twenty. I had always wanted to look and feel my best at 50 years old. I am going to achieve this wish.


I now feel like the best is yet to come.



Thanks again for all your help and care.



Alicia S


  • JAMAL D.



I am an immigrant from Samarqand, Uzbekistan. I came to New York alone without my family. I have no relatives or any kind of family in New York. I was under a lot of stress; I worked very hard, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make my ends meet. One day I started having severe headaches, feeling of someone strangling me, chest pains, feeling sensation of chest blowing up, and severe anxiety and panic attacks.


With these symptoms I have Visited different doctors; internal medicine doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, professor of cardiology, ear throat and nose doctor because of choking sensation, eye doctors because of pain in the eyes and acupuncturists , I was given ten different medication including psychiatric medication which made my condition worse. I was suffering in silence for 6 months and no one could help me. I have visited the most famous doctors in New York; I paid them cash for the treatment out of my pocket. And One day a friend of mine brought me an advertisement from bukharian time's newspaper and strongly advised me to see Dr. Boris Abayev as a last resort.


I came to visit him; he listened to my complaints very carefully and he diagnosed my problem very quickly and correctly. He gave me a couple of shots to my neck which immediately resolved my severe headaches because it turns out I had a very bad muscle spasm in my neck, pinching my nerves.


After the shots the headache resolved immediately. Then he gave me another medication called Buspar which helped me to resolve the rest of my symptoms within the matter of ten days. Also Dr. Boris Abayev changed my diet, removing all caffeine and spicy containing products. After which this diet modification saved my life. I started feeling better the next day, and within a matter of 10 days I have fully recovered, and as of today I am a very healthy man.


I would like to emphasize that the diet played a very big role in my health condition. It looks like I got sick from eating wrong, which caused my symptoms and Dr. Abayev recognized this immediately. Of course stress played its role as well, however I am still under stress today but I do not have those symptoms. I was going to kill myself because I did not know what to do with myself. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I will always remember how you saved my life.


Jamal D


  • NINA G.

Dear Dr. Abayev,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an incredible journey to health. I came to you in April with a chronic pinched nerve and back pain and sciatica. Everything has improved immensely.


The diet you prescribed was quite effective in removing the muscle spasms and making the pain disappear at least 96% if not 100%. The injections were scary at first but so helpful afterwards. The improvements were dramatic and God-willing will last for the rest of my life.


I want to thank you for having the skill and the tender loving care to help me solve my physical hurdles and dilemmas. I am sticking to the diet of many green vegetables, cooked fresh meat (unseasoned) and fish with no sweets or packaged food and no sugar or refined carbohydrates. It is difficult put it pays off. I have already lost 6-8 pounds.


In appreciation,



Nina G