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Joint Pain - Arthritis

At least 33% of adults have an x-ray evidence of Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a non- inflammatory joint disease characterized by the loss of joint cartilage. In some cases 15 or 16 year old obese teenagers may develop Osteoarthritis. Maintaining an ideal weight, daily exercises to preserve muscle strength, walking exercises, proper nutrition and hydration are among important measures of treatment of Osteoarthritis. An injection procedure to the joint using pain medication or anti inflammation medication is one of the fastest ways to relieve pain in this case. I recall a very interesting case when a 77 year old male came to see me for severe knee pain. His total knee replacement surgery was scheduled two weeks from the first time he came to see me. When I asked him "Why did you come when you are about to undergo a major surgery?" he responded "I cannot last until the day of surgery, so, please can you at least relieve my pain until the day of surgery?" I told him that he did not need surgery because the injection I was going to offer him would relieve the pain so that the patient can walk freely. He agreed, I gave him an injection and encouraged him to walk everyday. And ever since he has been walking for 3 hours everyday and did not undergo surgery and had full pain relief from my injection procedure. One full year passed since I treated this patient and he is still pain free, and is still active, walking a lot and surgery was never needed. I have several cases to prove that the most severe arthritis of the knees can be treated without any kind of surgical intervention.