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Chronic Pain Conditions

Any pain condition lasting beyond 6 months is considered a chronic pain condition. The reason for pain condition to become chronic is the doctor could not recognize it,  or the patient didnt commit him or herself for treatment, among others which then becomes a chronic pain condition. I have a very interesting case which you can see in the testimonial area where the patient suffered for 32 years with lower back pain shooting to the groin, bladder, vaginal and rectal areas. This woman was a little girl when the pain started without any reason. The patient was treated by 30 different doctors from her county Iran and then later on in NY including gynecologists, urologists, internal medicine doctors and pain management specialists. Every doctor gave up on her case and even in NY when they couldnt succeed they referred the patient to one of the most prestigious Universities in the world: Yale University. Eventually in Yale she had 15 epidural injections done without any success. She was sent to one of the acupuncture professors there who gave her 15 acupuncture sessions without any success. She ended up in my office accidentally when she brought her sick parents to my clinic. Since I am the only doctor in New York who accepts all insurances and they had a very rare insurance. When both parents were successfully cured the daughter asked me a question; "May I speak to you about my illness, maybe you can help me the way you helped my parents". I then examined her and found out that she has simply a pinched nerve condition in her back causing her symptoms. After 5 injection sessions she was fully cured. You cannot believe how joyful she was. She kissed my hands and gave me warms hugs thanking me for giving her life back. Now she could enjoy her life which she could not do prior to her coming to my clinic for 32 years. It is now more than a year passed since I gave her the last injection and the patient is still pain free. It is an amazing story how a simple medical problem was misdiagnosed by many doctors.