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In our clinic, we offer a unique course of rehabilitation and health restoration,including pain relief, using different types of nerve blocks, muscle relaxing injection techniques. All these modalities enhance well-being, reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and tension, prevent disease and restore health. We will also instruct you about giving up your bad eating habits, proper nutrition, proper hydration, healthy and active life style, and home exercise programs.  

 We perform all types of injection procedures, including muscle relaxing injections, anti inflammation injections, injections to release pinched nerves

 We also offer nerve conduction tests (NCS) and Electromyography (EMG). 

 We discuss proper nutrition and hydration, and an active and healthy lifestyle.

 This is how our treatment approach has been described by one of our patients:

  Dr. Boris Abayev’s clinic uses basically the same pharmaceutical ingredients many other pain clinics utilize.

 Dr. Abayev\\\\\\\'s method is to manipulate the affected area when treating with local medication is applied. What makes a huge difference is that the doctor treats the patient as an entity, working on change of lifestyle along with a clean diet that calls for no chocolate, condiments, too much fruit or sweet and drinking only water is recommended. By observing the necessary dietary and exercise prescription the patient gets well and in many cases they lose weight to boot.

 The changes one can measure are the differences in attitude from the first time treatment is administered, which Dr. Boris Abayev does with a set number of visits in mind. Unlike other pain clinics, his intends to keep the treatment short and efficient. The doctor Boris Abayev’s biggest satisfaction is to hear a patient tell him how their life was over before they came to him and now they have a new lease on life!